Explore the vast array of opportuntities that await your students at North Central!

Here at North Central, your students will find a program thats right for them! No matter if they know their dream job already or if they're still trying to find their path - we will support them every step of the way. Explore all the opportunities that await them here, 从住在学校吃饭, to the endless selection of clubs and activities, 去国外待一个学期, 还有更多! 


专业 & 项目

Wherever your students are on their lifelong pursuit of knowledge and professional advancement, 立博在线体育为他们制定了一个计划. Whether they are looking for an undergraduate or graduate program, 立博在线体育提供参与, 鼓舞人心、充满活力的课程, designed to help your student find their passion, awaken their drive to learn and prepare them to make an impact in a dynamic world. 他们将能够旅行, 进行研究, 实习生, work and participate in high-impact practices that make the most of their college experience. 


金融援助 & 成本

A degree from 中北书院 is an investment with lifelong returns. It’s a commitment to your student's career, a decision to study the world around them and an opportunity to make friends for life. North Central partners with your student and their family to maximize affordability through a number of financial assistance options. We’re dedicated to making sure cost is never a barrier to a comprehensive liberal arts education.



We know the application process can seem overwhelming, so we want to make it as simple as possible. We have resources designed to guide your students through the entire application process, 其中许多可以在下面找到. Whether they’re applying for admission to the College or to the 荣誉项目 via our 快速通道入学计划, we'll walk with them every step of the way.

学生 can select one of the following ways to apply for admission:



  • First-Year applicants will need to submit transcripts from any previously attended schools. Unofficial transcripts are accepted for admission decisions. An official final transcript with the student’s graduation date will be required before enrolling in classes.
  • Transfer applicants will also need to submit transcripts from all previously attended schools. 官方 transcripts are needed for admission decisions. If students have not earned 24 transferable semester hours at the time of applying, please also send an official high school transcript. 立博在线体育接受密封, official paper transcripts as well as official electronic transcripts that are sent directly through the following sources: Credentials eScrip-Safe, 全国学生信息交流中心, 羊皮纸, 及联合服务成绩单.
  • To enroll as degree-seeking at 中北书院, students need to have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent of a high school diploma.


Because we look at each application on an individual basis, we encourage students to contact their 入学辅导员 to discuss their individual circumstances. While not required, students may wish to submit additional information such as:




  • 写作样本
  • 推荐信
  • Documentation of extenuating circumstances

We  recommend students take the college preparatory curriculum offered at their high school. 这通常包括:

  • 4年英语
  • 3 years of mathematics (including algebra and geometry, one course beyond geometry is preferred)
  • 3 years of science (including 2 years of lab sciences)
  • 3年社会科学
  • Multiple years of the same foreign language are strongly recommended. 


student sitting in wentz science center


students at 立博体育平台第一 Meeting



生活 & 位置

students walking around downtown naperville



There are no two college students that are exactly alike, and neither are their paths to graduation. That’s why 中北书院 created 立博体育平台的方向, a revolutionary approach to the General Education Curriculum that puts your journey through college in your hands.